Yoga / Meditation

Private or Small Group

We offer one-on-one or small group personalized yoga classes.  Your class will be uniquely created and guided to fit your ability and needs. A thoughful blend of traditional yoga principals will be the foundation for your practice.

Yoga is not an achievement, it is an experience.  
We make shapes with our bodies and breathe. 
Yoga is happening on the inside. 

One hour $65-85

Yoga with Sound Healing

Take a journey deep within guided by the sacred sound currents of bowls, bells, and vibrations.

One hour $75


Private or group. You can do it. Seriously.

There are many different ways to become meditative. 

We'll explore and find what fits.  

As you practice your ability to get to that place comes more quickly.  If you want to deepen your existing meditation practice you can find solace in our space.

One hour  $65

Youth yoga


Children naturally know how to move and play which is important for their development.  
However, moving in and out of specific yoga postures (asanas) can unlock areas in the body and mind which relieves stress, increases vitality and brings inner peace. Kids learn to self regulate and create balance within.  

This will serve them for a lifetime. Ages 3-18

Group Experiences

We work with mantra, meditation, movement, sound, song, games, and breath awareness, developing self esteem, perspective, and community. 

Most classes run for 6-8 weeks in a series.

$75-160 per session.

($15-20 per visit)

Private Yoga

Sometimes the group dynamic isn't right for your child. They may have a unique goal or situation that requires a deeper level of attention. Perhaps scheduling doesn't allow for them to join our group offerings. One-on-one sessions help us to tune in and give them the opportunity to expand through the art and science of yoga. 

One Hour $65-8